I am NOT Jewish, but if you’re anti-semitic, I will NOT tolerate you.
I am NOT gay, but if you seek to diminish LGBT-Americans, I will NOT agree with you.
I am NOT an immigrant, but if you demonize immigrants, I will NOT support you.
I am NOT Muslim, but if you are bigoted towards Muslims, I will NOT validate you.
I am NOT poor, but if you belittle those who struggle to get by, I will NOT condone you.
My “IDENTITY POLITICS” are simple: I care for other Americans. And I could give a damn about someone’s “policy” if their purpose is to harm those who don’t look, live or love like them. America is NOT, nor has it ever been, a zero sum game. Allowing others to fully participate in, and benefit from, the freedoms and opportunties in this country does NOT take away from those who already do. Put simply, if your “IDENTITY POLITICS” tell you that the only things that matter are YOUR struggles and YOUR issues, the problem is YOU!