The Miami Herald Endorses Pam Keith

“This long-shot candidate brings one of the freshest perspectives to Florida politics heard in a long time. She is accomplished, credible — and has been left out in the cold by state Democratic leaders and her two better-known opponents. And that, too, is a shame for democracy.”

“Ms. Keith has an engaging personality and a world view that cuts through that political fog. She’s a realist and knows she’s a long-shot, but makes a good case for the seat she’s pursuing: “The military, foreign policy, labor policy — these are federal issues,” she told the Editorial Board. “I know the federal sphere.

An attorney who lives in Miami, Ms. Keith is a former naval officer and a JAG — a member of the Judge Advocate General’s Corps. The daughter of a Foreign Service officer, she was born in Turkey. She lived in Morocco, Syria, Brazil and stateside before high school.

Her priorities reflect her impressive background: She’s concerned about veterans’ well-being, and would make funding for the troubled VA system contingent on troop levels; when it comes to claims, she says currently the burden of proof of the need for treatment falls on veterans, who are too often denied. Ms Keith says the VA, instead, should be made to justify denying treatment, and within 90 days.

Ms. Keith, 47, says she grew up with Mideast policy: “Our insistence on ousting Assad is messing up our relationship with Egypt,” she said. “We must do a better job with propaganda if we’re going to use drones.”

With a creative approach to address the proliferation of assault weapons, she says that the military refuse to buy weapons from manufacturers that sell military-grade weapons to civilians.

“My grounding principle? How much I love my fellow Americans who are denied access to the American Dream.” Nice.

In the Democratic primary for the U.S. Senate, the Herald recommends PAM KEITH.”

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