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Investing in the American Dream

America is not a thing. It is an idea. It is a belief in the marriage of opportunity and freedom, that a person can reach her maximum potential by applying her drive to her natural gifts. The American dream, indeed America itself, is imperiled when the accidents of birth form a barrier to that dream. Education, more than anything else, is the great social equalizer and the mechanism by which people identify, develop and leverage their talents. When America invests in education, it invests in its social and economic future, and in making manifest that dream that is so integral to our national identity and purpose. Subsidizing community college ...

Guiding the Cuban People to Social and Economic Freedom

There can be no doubt that the despotic and violent Castro Regime wreaked havoc on the lives of generations of Cubans. And while it is true that the United States has diplomatic relations with governments that have wreaked havoc on their own citizens, many of the people who suffered at the hands of Fidel Castro live here, in Florida and in the Untied States. They are our friends, neighbors and co-workers. Their desire to see a free and prosperous Cuba is shared by all Americans. The question is not “what do we want?” The question is, “how do we get it?” Cutting off relations with Cuba has not changed the regime and has not lead to ...

My cousins and nieces.

They have grown so much and I am so proud of them!




Last night, I attended a panel discussion on the rampant human trafficking and sex exploitation that is taking place in Florida.  Indeed, our fair state leads the nation in sex trafficking, due largely to the high demand from tourists and visitors.  While the panel discussed at great length the resources available to the trafficked humans, and also discussed the resources expended to catch and prosecute the traffickers, little, if anything, was said about the buyers.  A woman stood up and gave a testimony about how she was trafficked and exploited, and recounted the heartbreaking details of how she was kept in a room, naked, and how men were ...